Oh, hi!

Hi there!

Boy, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, it seems. Last year, I had a very clear goal: to go 100 days without sugar and alcohol.
All in all, this proved to be quite easy, and I’m still enjoying the long-term benefits of my little experiment. My general life quality has improved a lot (I sleep better, I drink less, I enjoy my food a lot more) and I manage to keep my weight stable without compromising on good food.

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The Final Conclusion

Alright, we made it! All in all I have to say it wasn’t that hard. I’m feeling a lot better, and it only “cost” me about 3 months. I also barely experienced the negative or skeptical comments from my environment. Apparently a lot of people don’t like it when someone in their vicinity partakes in a drought, as this confronts them with their own -usually not so decent- drinking habits. Either none of my friends have bad drinking habits, or they’ve come 100% to terms with it, I guess ūüôā
I started eating some sugar again (birthday treats at work, …) and immediately felt my energy level fluctuating. I guess I better just stay away from those refined sugars forever (although one chocolate egg or piece of candy every now and then won’t kill me). Continue reading “The Final Conclusion”

Final week started

We’re entering the final week of our 100 day drought. I can say it was a very pleasant trip! I’m feeling a lot better, I lost a decent amount of weight and girth, I got to try out a lot of recipes, I learned that an awful amount of prepared products contain sugar (most of which¬†absolutely don’t need any), and that it’s not too hard to follow the 100 days program that I followed.

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Next up: touring!

Hi all!

Sorry for neglecting you for almost a month. To be honest: I have barely touched any laptop or PC outside of work, and typing on a tablet, well, I’m simply not made for that. Still, that’s one lousy excuse, and I should post updates¬†more regularly!

What has happened so far? I’ve lost a few kilograms again (I’ve hit my 85 kg goal!), so less and less of my clothes fit. It’s kind of a tricky period: I still want to lose about 7 kg, so buying new clothes at this time would be pretty pointless. I did start buying band shirts in medium size!

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First run completed

Boy oh boy, I finally put on my running shoes for the first time since I tore my muscle. Even though it’s been over 2 months now since I started putting pressure on it again, I still was a bit hesitant to go for a run. The constant load wasn’t something I was sure about.
Monday evening I did my first run, only 4 km for the first time, and what can I tell you? It went better than ever. I definitely feel the effects of the weight loss and regular training (volleyball, B-well). I’m used to running at a low speed for a long time (20K runs in 2:40) at a constant heart rate, but this time, something felt different. I ran about 9 km/h, which still isn’t fast, I know, but I didn’t even feel any pain, tiredness or anything at all after my 4K lap. Running is one of my least favourite things to do, but the lack of any inconveniences afterwards surely motivates me to pick it up again. It’s just so easy to do: put on some shorts, a t-shirt, your shoes, and you’re off! Continue reading “First run completed”

Progress after my first month

Yes, yes, I know, it took some time to write an update again. But here I am with some news regarding my progress!

There are several things that I want to tell you. First of all: when I started my 100 days, my girlfriend took some measures of my body (chest, waist, hips, and arms). We wanted to see the end result, but of course we couldn’t wait until the end, so we had an interim¬†measuring session on January 30th. The results spoke for themselves: I already lost 11 cm at my chest, 8 cm at my waist and 3 cm at my hips. My arms stayed pretty much the same, but that was no surprise, as I barely have any fat stored there. I can assure you that this motivated me extremely to continue my 100 days! Also, in that same weekend, we went to a show, and I received positive comments from everybody. I’m not going to lie, it felt great that my progress didn’t go unnoticed. Continue reading “Progress after my first month”

Flu got me…

I’m sorry I didn’t post for … whew, almost 2 weeks. I was planning on posting the weekend of the 16th, but I was a little busy. “Yeah, I’ll take care of it next week” I thought, and then the flu got me.

Today, I’m back in action! I’m not 100% recovered yet, but it’s safe to say I’m back at 90%. I won’t be working out this week, as I don’t want to put too much stress on my body. I want to give it all the time it needs to fully recover. Continue reading “Flu got me…”

Sugar, sugar everywhere!

Last weekend, I wanted to make one of the meals from the meal plan, the chicken pizza. One of the ingredients was “tomato sauce” to pour over the chicken. Of all the cans and glass bowls I found in the stores, not a single one of them fitted my sugar free diet. Not a SINGLE one!¬†A week back, I was looking for some stir fry veggies, and even there I¬†found added sugars. Unbelievable.

Chicken Pizza

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Day 10!

Wow, 10% of my journey has already passed. I’m going to be honest, I had a few very, VERY tough days. Monday¬†through¬†Wednesday I was severely suffering from some withdrawal symptoms. A serious lack of energy, headaches that just lingered¬†all day, feeling the need to eat everything in my sight, … I’m so glad that’s over with!

Of course, none of those symptoms are related to the absence of alcohol (I regularly don’t have a drink for a week or two), but dropping¬†caffeine and sugar at the same time might not have been the smartest move.
I tried compensating the need for sugar with a lot of fruit, but to no avail. The weak feeling didn’t go away. Continue reading “Day 10!”


Damn, I feel tired. We’re at day six, and I must say: dropping sugar is indeed as hard as you read everywhere. I’ve only had one bad headache on Monday, so I’m not really complaining. However, I feel really tired from the moment I wake up.
As dropping alcohol gives you more energy, and dropping sugar makes you feel less energetic during the first days or even weeks, I imagined the two would balance out. Unfortunately, I think the¬†energy boost of dropping alcohol only manifests itself after a few weeks. Well, better suck it up and keep going! Continue reading “Zzzz…”